Skin Treatments


Sometimes in life, you need a little extra on the side.

Add one or more of these treatments to your facial to enhance your results. 

Korean sheet masks

At Skinplicity we have over 20 different sheet masks, each with their own set of benefits. We have personally sourced some of the most effective face masks from South Korea, doing everything from increasing skin firmness and elasticity, lightening acne scars and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. We even have a snail formula to fight the signs of ageing and eliminate dark circles – it’s totally worth it!

24K Gold Therapy Collagen Eye Mask

These gold-infused eye masks are like no other. They help firm the skin and minimise puffiness while providing care and of course a touch of luxury with collagen and gold.

Nu Skin

We offer leading edge cosmetic treatments and believe our clients deserve the best in skincare. For this reason, we have partnered with Nu Skin, a world leader offering top quality and leading edge products.

Ask our experienced aestheticians which products are best suited to your skin!